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BEGOODTEX Fireproof Cotton Testing and Customer Feedback

By BEGOODTEXUpdated December 16, 2023

Through experimental testing, BEGOODTEX 100% Cotton fabric has demonstrated excellent flame retardant performance. From the combustion test, it is evident that our fabric performs exceptionally well in terms of flame resistance, smoke density, and odor. Moreover, the feedback we have received from our customers consistently indicates their satisfaction with the flame retardant performance of our fabric.


Our 100% Cotton fabric is made from high-quality flame retardant cotton fibers, ensuring permanent flame retardancy. Whether for manufacturing flame retardant clothing or other fireproof products, our flame retardant Cotton fabric meets your needs. It is suitable for various fashionable designs, including shirts, pants, dresses, and sleepwear. You can confidently choose our fabric, knowing that it provides a safety guarantee for your products and attire.


Furthermore, our flame retardant Cotton fabric has undergone multiple wash tests, which have shown that its flame retardant performance remains stable even after repeated washing. This means that you can use our fabric for an extended period without worrying about any decline in its flame retardant properties.


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