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Voile Fabric


What is Permanent Flame Retardant Voile Fabric?

Permanent Flame Retardant Voile Fabric is a lightweight, transparent fabric with permanent flame-retardant properties. It is made by blending BEGOODTEX's permanent flame retardant polyester yarn. The flame retardant voile fabric is tightly woven, allowing light to pass through the fibers while preventing other objects, such as insects, from passing through. It is generally used in conjunction with flame retardant blackout curtains, where one layer is made of fabric and the other layer is made of voile. This allows for indoor lighting adjustments as needed and also blocks insects, dust, rainwater, etc., from entering the room while maintaining ventilation and transparency. It is primarily used for window screens, wedding decorations, etc.

FAQs about Flame Retardant Voile Fabric

  • Advantages of Flame Retardant Voile Fabric

    Voile fabric is transparent and lightweight, creating products that do not feel heavy. The fabric is smooth and has excellent draping and flowing characteristics. The loose structure of the fabric allows for excellent breathability, making it suitable for creating dresses, gowns, and other garments.

  • Benefits of Using Flame Retardant Voile Fabric as Window Sheer

    It has excellent permanent flame retardant functionality, making it environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


    The semi-transparent nature of flame retardant voile fabric makes it ideal for use as a light-filtering fabric in curtains. It can filter out strong light while allowing natural light to pass through.


    It effectively protects personal privacy.


    Compared to flame retardant blackout curtains, flame retardant voile fabric is relatively breathable.


    It effectively prevents mosquitoes and dust.

  • Other Uses of Flame Retardant Voile Fabric


    Women's summer clothing, such as shirts, skirts, and dresses

    Veils for occasions such as weddings and dances

    Gift wrapping and packaging materials

    Accessories such as headscarves and headbands.

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