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Laboratory Textile Chemistry Technology

Quality Control & Technology

  • Begoodtex Advanced Equipment & Experimental Environment

    Advanced Equipment & Experimental Environment

    Find, expand and integrate new products to respond to the market's increasing demands for workplace protection.

    We have multiple laboratories with various instruments and experimental equipment, and conduct up to 100 technical tests every day.

  • Begoodtex Custom Test DeviceFor Textile Electric Burner
    Custom Test DeviceFor Textile Electric Burner
  • Begoodtex Digital Constant Temperature Hot Air Blast Circulating Drying Oven
    Digital Constant Temperature Hot Air Blast Circulating Drying Oven
  • Begoodtex Color Fastness To Crocking
    Color Fastness To Crocking
  • Begoodtex Textile Vertical Burning Tester
    Textile Vertical Burning Tester
  • laboratory

    Continuous research and innovation, testing and studying the behavior of new textile fibers and new thread combinations allows us to develop more and more specialized protective fabrics.

    We have the latest laboratory equipment technology and highly qualified personnel so we can develop new fabric compositions, explore new territories and test technical fabric innovations.

  • Begoodtex Infrared All-Purpose Spectrophotometer
    Infrared All-Purpose Spectrophotometer
  • Begoodtex Infrared All-Purpose Spectrophotometer
    Infrared All-Purpose Spectrophotometer
  • Begoodtex Automatic Dispensing System
    Automatic Dispensing System
  • Begoodtex Full Automatic Oxygen Index Tester
    Full Automatic Oxygen Index Tester

Textile Testing Major

To ensure our fabrics are safe, durable and most importantly comfortable, experienced inspectors compile a detailed inspection checklist based on your requirements, international regulations, safety standards and our extensive expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of your goods inspect on the spot. The tests we conduct include:

· Properties: Abrasion or Pilling (Martindale, ICI)

· Weather resistance test: waterproof, windproof, warm, spray test

· Heat resistance and water vapor resistance/permeability

· Burn test (for 100% cotton textiles)

· Seam strength (sewn products)

· Tear Strength, Penetration Resistance

· Tensile properties

  • Begoodtex Colour Fastness Tests

    Colour Fastness Tests

    Color fastness tests are methods used to determine how resistant a material or fabric is to fading or running of color when exposed to various conditions such as light, water, or rubbing. These tests ensure that the material will maintain its color over time and under different usage conditions.

  • Begoodtex Fully Automatic Oxygen Index Test

    Fully Automatic Oxygen Index Test

    The fully automatic oxygen index test is a test method for measuring the combustion performance of materials. It evaluates the flame retardancy of materials by placing them in an environment containing a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen and measuring the minimum oxygen concentration required for combustion. The test utilizes automated instruments and control systems to achieve precise and efficient testing processes.

BEGOODTEX testing report
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Our quality control and testing services help textile mills, manufacturers, importers and retailers ensure that their products meet their own quality standards and the requirements of their target markets. We offer detailed same-day inspection reports and 48-hour turnaround lab testing, giving you fast and reliable results to make informed decisions for your textile supply chain.

US and Canadian Textile Standards and Regulations

· AATCC 8 color fastness to rubbing (wet and dry)
· AATCC 15 color fastness to perspiration
· AATCC 16.3 option 3 color fastness to light
· AATCC 106 color fastness to sea water
· AATCC 107 color fastness to water
· AATCC 116 color fastness to rubbing (rotation)
· AATCC 135 Dimensional Stability of Home Laundered Fabrics

Download Technical Documentation and User Guides as PDF

Document Updated
BS5867-2 TYPEA.PDF June 2023
BS7175 polyester+cotton June 2023
BS7175 source7 June 2023
BS7175 June 2023
BS7175-crib5 June 2023
CA title 19 1237.2 June 2023
CANULC-S109-14 June 2023
DIN4102-B1 coated fabric June 2023
DIN4102-B1 June 2023
DIN4102-B2 June 2023
Document Updated
EN13501-1 April 2023
M1 BLACKOUT April 2023
NFPA701 Premier April 2023
NFPA701 banjo fabric April 2023
NFPA701 mesh fabric April 2023
NFPA701 PVC April 2023
NFPA701 spandex fabric April 2023
NFPA701 voile fabric April 2023
NFPA701+antibacerial April 2023
M1 BLACKOUT April 2023
If you need to obtain more technical documents and test reports, please contact us.
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