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Canvas Fabric


What is Inherent Fireproof Canvas Fabric?

Inherent Fireproof Canvas Fabric is a rough and durable fabric with flame retardant properties made from BEGOODTEX permanent flame-retardant polyester fibers or a blend of fibers. It has a thick texture, strong texture and grain, and also has a certain degree of waterproof performance. Flame Retardant Canvas Fabric is widely used in the production of canvas shoes, canvas bags, luggage, tents, outdoor furniture, oil painting canvases, workwear, tool bags, thermal insulation bags, knee pads, aprons, and more.

Advantages of Flame Retardant Canvas Fabric

1. Excellent Flame Retardant Functionality: It provides outstanding flame retardant and fire-resistant properties.

2. Durable and Long-lasting: The fabric is highly sturdy and can withstand heavy use for a long time.

3. Waterproof: It also has waterproof properties, keeping your belongings dry in light rain or snow.

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