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Chenille Fabric


What is Permanent Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric?

Permanent Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric is made from flame-retardant polyester fibers. Different thicknesses of long filaments or short fibers are twisted together to create the chenille yarn. Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric is not only full and soft, but also thick and lightweight. It also has permanent flame-retardant properties. It is widely used in the home textile and knitwear fields and is commonly used to make sofa covers, bedspreads, carpets, wall decorations, curtains, and other indoor decorative items.

Common Questions about Permanent Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric

  • Advantages of Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric

    1. Excellent flame retardant functionality, and washing does not affect the flame retardant performance.

    2. Flame retardant chenille fabric is relatively thick and durable, with good abrasion resistance and minimal pilling. This makes it easier to handle and maintain.

    3. Flame retardant chenille fabric has good drape and also offers blackout and soundproofing properties. It is commonly used for curtains due to its excellent light-blocking capabilities.

  • How to care for Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric

    To ensure the comfort of chenille fabric, it is recommended to clean the fabric on the reverse side. Avoid using a washing machine. Instead, soak the fabric in cold water with detergent and gently rub it by hand. Avoid applying excessive force to prevent damage to the chenille fabric.

  • Does Flame Retardant Chenille Fabric generate static electricity?

    It depends on the material of the chenille fabric. Pure cotton chenille fabric generally does not generate static electricity, while polyester chenille fabric, due to its low moisture absorption, may generate static electricity in dry environments.

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