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Mesh Fabric


What is Inherent Fire Resistant Mesh Fabric?

Inherent Fire Resistant Mesh Fabric is a type of fabric with small mesh-shaped holes and permanent flame retardant properties. The raw material is generally made of BEGOODTEX permanent flame-retardant polyester fibers. There are two types of mesh fabrics: warp-knitted mesh fabric and weft-knitted mesh fabric. The finished products of knitted mesh fabric include high-elastic mesh fabric, mosquito netting, laundry netting, luggage netting, hard mesh, sandwich mesh fabric, embroidery mesh fabric, wedding dress mesh, checkered mesh, transparent mesh, American mesh, diamond mesh, jacquard mesh, lace mesh, and other types of mesh fabrics.

Uses of Flame Retardant Mesh Fabric

1. Permanent Flame Retardant: It offers excellent flame retardant functionality and does not lose its effectiveness after washing.

2. Light Regulation: Adjust the indoor lighting as needed. Sunlight or direct exposure can cause fading, deformation, and damage to furniture, floors, carpets, pianos, etc. Curtains with light-blocking and sun protection properties can protect them from sunlight and minimize damage.

3. Privacy Protection: Use curtains to block outside views and enhance privacy in personal spaces.

4. Insect Prevention: Take measures to prevent insects, moths, and other pests from entering indoor areas.

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