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Flannelette Fabric


What is Inherent Flame Resistant Flannelette Fabric?

Inherent Flame Resistant Flannelette Fabric is a soft and comfortable fabric with permanent flame retardant function. It is made of BEGOODTEX's permanent flame retardant polyester yarn and has been specially treated to make it soft, warm, and breathable. The fabric feels very soft and has a lightweight texture. The softness of the fabric is due to the fibers being brushed during processing, creating a surface of fibers that increases the volume and softness of the fabric. The fabric's warmth is due to its fiber density and length of fibers, which reduce heat loss and maintain warmth.

This fabric is ideal for making bedding such as Bed Sheet, Quilt Cover, and Pillow Case.

FAQs about Inherent Flame Resistant Flannelette Fabric

  • What are the uses of Flame Retardant Flannelette Fabric?

    Flame Retardant Flannelette Fabric is used for producing clothing such as shirts, sweaters, vests, and woolen garments. It is also used for producing home furnishings, especially bed sheets and blankets. Due to its excellent insulation properties, it is commonly used during the autumn and winter seasons.

  • Is Flame Retardant Flannelette Fabric warmer than cotton fabrics?

    Both cotton and flannelette fabrics are breathable. However, the brushing process of flannelette fabric creates a surface with raised fibers that trap heat. Therefore, despite being loosely woven, flannelette fabric naturally provides better insulation. If you want to stay warm while sleeping, choose flannelette fabric. If you prefer a cooler sleeping experience, choose cotton fabric.

  • What is the difference between flannelette and fleece?

    Flannel and flannelette are two different terms denoting soft-wearing fabrics in the winter. Flannel typically refers to a wool-based material or a mixture of wool and cotton. In contrast, flannelette is made of cotton with gentle brushing techniques applied to produce its characteristic plush feel.

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  • Flame Retardant Flannelette Fabric - Perfect for Sheets, Quilt Covers, Pillow Cases!

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