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What is Permanent Fire Retardant Blanket Fabric ?

Permanent Fire Retardant Blanket is a commonly used bedding item with insulating properties, thinner than a quilt. The flame retardant performance of the Flame Retardant Blanket is mainly achieved by using BEGOODTEX permanent flame retardant fibers, which have permanent flame retardant properties.

The appearance of the blanket is diverse, with plush and curled types, the pile stands up and has a silk velvet feel. There are various color combinations for the blanket patterns. The double-sided furry woven material has a rich pile on both sides, the surface has a thick pile, it is a bedding material with insulating properties. The blanket can also be used as a bed cover, wall carpet and other decorations.

FAQs about Permanent Fire Retardant Blanket Fabric

  • Features of flame retardant blanket

    Good flame retardant performance: The flame retardant blanket has excellent flame retardant performance, which can effectively reduce the risk of fire.

    High-temperature resistance: The flame retardant blanket has good thermal stability at high temperatures and can cope with sudden fires.

    Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: The flame retardant blanket uses environmentally friendly materials in the production process, does not contain toxic substances, and will not produce harmful substances during use.

    Convenient and lightweight: The flame retardant blanket is soft and easy to carry and lay, able to respond quickly to fire occurrences.

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