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Spandex Fabric


What is Inherent Fire Resistant Spandex Fabric?

Inherent Fire Resistant Spandex Fabric is a type of fabric that combines permanent flame-retardant properties with elasticity. It is made by weaving BEGOODTEX's permanent flame retardant Ammonia yarn, which has excellent elasticity and is also known as elastic fabric. It is commonly used to make finished products such as tablecloths, chair covers, and trash can covers. The most significant feature of Spandex fabric is its extremely strong elasticity, which can stretch up to 5-8 times without damaging the fiber. Depending on the intended use, Spandex Fabric can be divided into warp-knitted elastic fabric, weft-knitted elastic fabric, and bi-directional elastic fabric.

FAQs about Inherent Fire Resistant Spandex Fabric

  • What are the advantages of flame retardant spandex fabric?

    · It offers permanent flame retardant properties, providing resistance against fire incidents.

    · High elasticity and excellent shape retention, without wrinkling.

    · Soft and smooth texture, providing optimal elasticity for a comfortable and snug fit.

    · Good dyeing properties; resistant to fading.

  • How to care for flame retardant spandex fabric?

    Flame retardant spandex fabric should be washed in cold water. It can be hand washed or machine washed without any special requirements for detergent. After washing, it should be hung in a cool place to dry, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

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