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Fire Resistant Blackout

Fire resistant blackout fabric is a type of fabric that combines the properties of flame resistance and light-blocking. It is designed to provide total darkness by blocking out sunlight and UV rays. Made with flame-retardant fibers or treated with flame retardant chemicals, this fabric reduces flammability and can self-extinguish after being removed from the source of the fire.

BEGOODTEX offers fire resistant blackout fabric with several advantages. Firstly, it ensures good safety performance as the fibers do not melt and emit low smoke when exposed to fire. Additionally, the fabric provides complete darkness, ensuring privacy and a peaceful sleep environment. It also provides sound insulation, helping to reduce outside noise and create a peaceful atmosphere. The fabric has excellent thermal insulation properties, which help regulate temperature and save energy. Moreover, it provides 100% protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding the skin and preventing fading of furniture and fabrics.

With its combination of fire resistance, light-blocking properties, and comfort, BEGOODTEX Fire Resistant Blackout fabric is an excellent choice for various applications such as curtains, blinds, and linings. It provides both safety and functionality, creating a peaceful and protected space.

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