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Jacquard Fabric


What is Inherent Fire Retardant Jacquard Fabric?

Inherent Fire Retardant Jacquard Fabric refers to a patterned design created by interweaving warp and weft yarns during the weaving process using permanent flame-retardant fibers. The pattern is woven into the fabric during the textile production process and can create various designs depending on the type of fabric used as the base. Flame Retardant Jacquard Fabric is a dense textile composed of multiple layers or intricate woven structures. It is known for its large and intricate patterns, distinct color levels, and strong three-dimensional effect, as well as its flame retardant properties.

FAQs about Inherent Fire Retardant Jacquard fabric

  • Common Uses of Flame Retardant Jacquard Fabric

    Jacquard fabric is widely used for making casual pants, sportswear, suits, and bedding materials. Clothes made from this fabric are both comfortable and popular.

  • Difference between Flame Retardant Jacquard and Flame Retardant Printed Fabric:

    Flame retardant printed fabric is applied to the fabric after weaving, providing a range of design options. Flame retardant jacquard fabric, on the other hand, has patterns woven into the fabric during the weaving process, and the design cannot be changed after the fabric is formed.

  • Characteristics of Flame Retardant Jacquard Fabric:

    Flame retardant jacquard fabric is known for its complex manufacturing process, resulting in a fabric with a soft and delicate texture, excellent breathability, high colorfastness, exquisite patterns, rich colors, three-dimensional designs, and resistance to pilling and color fading. It is often used in the production of high-end fabrics.

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