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Table Skirt


Flame Retardant Table Skirt

Flame Retardant Table Skirt, part of BEGOODTEX's Polyester Event collection, is designed to be placed around the perimeter of dining or event tables, covering the bottom like an elegant "apron". It is commonly used in upscale banquet halls and venues.

The Flame Retardant Table Skirt features pleats at the top and a flowing bottom, resembling a skirt worn by a lady. The materials used for the table skirt are often high-quality velvet in rich colors such as dark red, emerald green, and rose red, giving a sense of sophistication and luxury.

This versatile table skirt can be used for round, rectangular, and square tables, adding a touch of elegance to any event setting. Its primary function is to enhance the visual appeal of the table while providing fire resistance.

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