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Clothing Fabric


What is Permanent Fireproof Clothing Fabric?

Permanent Fireproof Clothing Fabric is a protective clothing material with properties such as fire resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-static, and UV resistance. The flame retardant performance of Flame Retardant Clothing Fabric is mainly achieved by using BEGOODTEX permanent flame-retardant fibers. In addition to the comfortable, beautiful, and durable characteristics of ordinary fabrics, it also has the function of permanent flame retardancy, which can effectively reduce the risk of clothing catching fire and slow down the spread of flames, giving people more time to escape.

What are the applications of Permanent Fireproof Clothing Fabric?

Flame Retardant Clothing Fabric has a wide range of applications. It can be used to make high-temperature workwear, protective clothing, firefighting suits, and other garments that require fire protection. It can also be used to make children's clothing, bedding, and other items that require fire protection.

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