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Inherent Flame Retardant460

Introduction to Inherent Flame Retardant Function

Inherent Flame Retardant fabric refers to a type of fabric that possesses permanent flame-retardant properties. It is either made from inherently flame-retardant fibers or treated with flame retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process. This fabric is designed to reduce flammability and has the ability to self-extinguish after being exposed to fire, minimizing the release of toxic smoke.

BEGOODTEX offers inherently flame retardant fabric that provides several advantages. Firstly, it ensures good safety performance as the fibers do not melt and emit low smoke when exposed to fire. Additionally, the flame-retardant effect is inherent and not affected by washing or friction, maintaining its flame-retardant performance over time. The fabric is also environmentally friendly as it utilizes natural fibers that can naturally degrade, meeting environmental requirements.

The Inherent Flame Retardant fabric from BEGOODTEX exhibits excellent flame-retardant and fire-resistant properties, effectively preventing flame spread, smoke release, and melting. It is also durable and provides good thermal insulation and anti-static properties, offering comprehensive protection against heat. Moreover, the fabric retains the absorbent and breathable properties of natural fibers, ensuring comfort and a soft feel. With its vibrant colors, the fabric combines both functionality and aesthetics.

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