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    BEGOODTEX specializes in flame retardant textiles, serving global customers for 15 years.

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    BEGOODTEX produces a variety of high-quality knitted and woven fabrics as well as ready-made products.

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    BEGOODTEX operates with integrity, separate departments work together professionally.

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    BEGOODTEX's motto is "BELIEVE, ACTION, THANKSGIVING, SOLDIER ON" to satisfy customers' demands.

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Welcome to SHAOXING BEGOODTEX CO., LTD. BEGOODTEX is a factory that specializes in inherently flame-retardant textiles.

With approximately 15 years of experience, BEGOODTEX has been supplying customers in the USA, Europe, Canada, Korea, and other regions with high-quality flame-retardant products that are durable and functional. It has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of FR textiles in the region.

BEGOODTEX specializes in knitting and woven fabrics, such as premier fabric, spandex fabric, cubicle curtains, pajama fabric, dimout fabric, sheeting fabric, velour fabric, and cellular blankets, among others.

BEGOODTEX can also process fabrics into ready-made products such as table skirts, pipe and drapes, and table covers. These fabrics are widely used in events, exhibitions, displays, hospitals, clothing, jails,armies, governments, and more.

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BEGOODTEX has its own yarn factory, weaving factory, and ready-made factory, allowing it to control quality from the IFR yarn and weaving processes, through printing and dyeing, all the way to the finished products.

BEGOODTEX not only has an experienced sales team, but also a technical team that can conduct research and development, as well as control the production process.

BEGOODTEX has certifications from SGS, TUV, and ITS. Its fabrics meet various standards such as NFPA701, BS5867, CAN/ULC-S109, DIN4102-B1, French M1, CFR1615/1616, BS5852, EN13501 B, BS7175 SOURCE 5, and BS5852 CRIB 0-5, among others.

Our factory has also passed BSCI certification, and BEGOODTEX holds numerous patents for its technology.

Our IFR fabric can meet the following standards:


USA: NFPA 701, CA117, CFR 1615, CA TITLE 19
CA: CAN / ULC-S109-14
EU: EN13501-1, EN 13773 CLASS 1
DE: DIN 4102-B1, DIN 54342
FR: NF-P92-503-M1
UK: BS5815, BS5852 CRIB 5,BS5867 TYPE C, BS7175 SOUCE 7
JP: JIS L 1091

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BEGOODTEX Global Recycled Standard certificate BEGOODTEX flame retardant standard certificate BEGOODTEX flame retardant standard certificate EXCELLENT-06 EXCELLENT-07

BEGOODTEX is a company that upholds high professional standards and conducts business in good faith. Our factory has received certifications from SGS, ITS, and Alibaba, including BSCI, Sedex, ISO 9001:2015, and Alibaba Assurance Supplier. We have various departments, including foreign trade, domestic trade, production, research, inspection, and accounting, that collaborate to provide the best service for our customers.

In addition to our commitment to high-quality service, BEGOODTEX is also dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development. We are proud to have obtained the Global Recycled Standard certification, which proves that our products adhere to the GRS standard and are made from recyclable and reusable materials. We will continue to develop and produce more eco-friendly fabrics to promote a better future for our planet.

At BEGOODTEX, we strive to balance our commitment to providing excellent service with our responsibility to protect the environment. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers while also promoting sustainability and environmental protection.



We are currently exporting 90% of our products worldwide. Covering an area of 1,000 square meters, we now have over 300 employees at our factory.

Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Our quality is excellent, and our prices are highly competitive. Our service mission is "Customers are Supreme; Quality of Products is the Lifeline of Our Enterprise".

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

Company Culture


Begoodtex Company Culture
  • Belief

    Belief is the starting point for success Belief drives confident Confidence determines success

  • Action

    Action is the path to success the more action taken, the further you can go

  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is the foundation of success and happiness, No thanksgiving, no success

  • Soldier

    Soldier on is the journey to success, And stimulated from motivation to success

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  • IFR Spandex Fabric

  • IFR Waterproof Fabric

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What products do we produce?
    BEGOODTEX is a professional company who specialize in fire retardant fabrics.
    such as premiere fabric,spandex fabric,cubicle curtain,pajamas fabric,dimout fabric,sheeting fabric,velour fabric,cellular blanket etc.
    2. What are the main functions of our fabrics?
    Inherent anti-microbial fabric, Inherent anti-bacterial fabric, Inherent anti-static fabric, Inherent insulation fabric, Inherent waterproof fabric, Inherent oilproof fabric, Inherent antifouling fabric, Inherent mouldproof fabric and Inherent radiation resistance fabric.
    3. What flame retardant standards do our fabrics meet?
    Our IFR Fabric Can Pass the Following Standards:
    USA: NFPA 701, CA117, CFR 1615, CA TITLE 19
    CA: CAN / ULC-S109-14
    EU: EN13501-1, EN 13773 CLASS 1
    DE: DIN 4102-B1, DIN 54342
    FR: NF-P92-503-M1
    UK: BS5815, BS5852 CRIB 5,BS5867 TYPE C, BS7175 SOUCE 7
    JP: JIS L 1091
    4. Which industries are our fabrics used for?
    The fabrics are widely used in event,exhibition,display,hospital,clothing,jail,army,goverment etc.
    5. Besides fabrics, do we also sell finished products?
    Yes,we also sell finished products,such as curtains, table cloths, beddings, pillow covers, medical curtains, table skirts, pipe and drapes etc.
  • Payment and Orders

    1. What is our main market?
    2. How to get the sample?
    Please contact our customer service to provide your detailed request. We will offer an A4 sample for free, you only need to pay the postage charge.
    3. What is the sample time and production time?
    Sample time: 3-7 days
    Production time: 35 days
    4. What payment methods do we accept?
    T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,Ali trade assuranc are all available.
    5. How can I contact customer service?
    Please contact us by Email, Whatsapp and Phone. 24-hour service.
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