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Blackout Fabric

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What is Inherent Flame Retardant Blackout Fabric?

BEGOODTEX Inherent Flame Retardant blackout fabric is a type of fabric that combines permanent flame-retardant properties with blackout functionality. It is made of BEGOODTEX's three-layer permanent flame-retardant polyester yarn (Dimout Fabric), with a blackout rate of approximately 95%. The blackout fabric coating, made of BEGOODTEX's four-layer shading coating and flame-retardant polyester yarn, can achieve a 100% blackout rate. This fabric offers excellent permanent flame-retardant and blackout performance, effectively preventing the intrusion of sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

FAQs about Flame Retardant Blackout Fabrics

  • What is the blackout effect of flame retardant blackout fabrics?

    The blackout effect of blackout fabrics varies depending on the material used. Dimout fabrics, made from three layers of inherently flame-retardant polyester yarn, have a blackout rate of around 95%. Coated blackout fabrics, made from four layers of blackout coating and flame-retardant polyester yarn, have a blackout rate of 100%.

  • What are the suitable applications for flame-retardant blackout fabrics?

    Flame retardant blackout fabrics are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, home theaters, offices, and other spaces that require blackout effects. They can be used for fire resistant curtains, room dividers, exhibition displays, train compartment curtains, and more.

  • Is the blackout effect of flame retardant blackout fabrics related to thickness?

    The blackout effect of flame retardant blackout fabrics is somewhat related to thickness. Generally, thicker fabrics provide better blackout effects.

  • What are the advantages of flame-retardant blackout fabrics?

    In addition to flame retardancy and blackout effects, flame retardant blackout fabrics also offer advantages such as thermal insulation and soundproofing.

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