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IFR + Soundproof100

Fire Retardant Soundproof

Fire Retardant Soundproof is a type of fabric that provides a safe and peaceful living environment. This fabric not only reduces external noise interference but also creates a comfortable living space.

Made with BEGOODTEX's permanent flame retardant fibers, Fire Retardant Soundproof fabric ensures safety with its excellent flame retardant properties. It also has soundproofing capabilities, reflecting and absorbing incoming sound waves to minimize external noise. By using Fire Retardant Soundproof fabric, you can enjoy a more serene and relaxing living environment.

This fabric is suitable for various places, especially for locations such as movie theaters, conference rooms, offices, and home living spaces that require soundproofing. It not only provides effective soundproofing but also has an attractive appearance and high-quality texture, adding comfort and warmth to your space.

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