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Multifunctional Fabrics


What is Multifunctional Fabrics?

Multifunctional fabrics are advanced textiles with multiple functions, including flame retardant, antimicrobial properties, and waterproofing.

These fabrics are woven using BEGOODTEX permanent flame-retardant fibers and undergo post-treatments with antimicrobial agents and water repellents. They possess flame retardant and antimicrobial capabilities, and also form a stable air interface protective film on the fabric surface. This film provides waterproof, oil-resistant, and stain-resistant properties.

These fabrics offer comprehensive protection and enhanced functionality. The flame retardant properties effectively slow down the spread of fire, ensuring crucial safety in various environments.

The antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria, ensuring clean and hygienic surfaces for use in healthcare and other sensitive environments. The waterproofing feature enables the fabrics to resist liquid penetration.

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