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Flame Retardant Anti-static Fabric

Flame retardant and anti-static fabric: It is made of permanent flame retardant polyester fibers as the main component, with special polyester filaments and high-performance permanent conductive fibers woven together through special processes. The conductive fibers are woven in the warp or weft direction. Clothing made from this fabric using special sewing techniques has excellent anti-static and dustproof properties. It has high efficiency and permanent anti-static and dustproof performance, as well as soft, smooth, and clear weave patterns. It is mainly used for making dustproof clothing and anti-static clothing, achieving the effect of corona discharge or leakage discharge. Different specifications of the fabric are suitable for different anti-static or clean environments. Application areas: It is suitable for industries that are sensitive to static electricity and have high cleanliness requirements, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace, etc.

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