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Medical Curtain


Fire Resistant Medical Curtains

Fire Resistant Medical Curtains are primarily used for dividing hospital wards, providing privacy while ensuring proper ventilation. They come in a variety of colors, allowing for customization and coordination with different healthcare settings.

The key feature of these curtains is their high-quality material, which is resistant to bacterial growth, making them ideal for maintaining a hygienic environment. They are fire-resistant, complying with national fire safety standards set by the Ministry of Public Security.

Other notable features of Fire Resistant Medical Curtains include their long-lasting mold resistance and antibacterial properties, as verified by testing conducted by disease prevention centers. They are easy to pull and do not deform after washing, with no risk of mesh breakage.

These curtains are also convenient to dismantle and clean, promoting environmental friendliness. They have passed tests for formaldehyde and aromatic amine, ensuring safety. The curtain fabric is made with stainless steel or aluminum perforated eyelets, while the curtain track is a one-piece molded design with pulleys and hooks.

Fire Resistant Medical Curtains, made with BEGOODTEX's permanent flame retardant fibers, provide a safe and hygienic solution for hospital ward partitions. Ensure privacy, breathability, and bacterial resistance with Fire Resistant Medical Curtains.

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