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Taffeta Fabric


What is Inherent Flame Resistant Taffeta Fabric?

Inherent Flame Resistant Taffeta Fabric is a thin, glossy fabric made from BEGOODTEX's permanent flame-retardant polyester filament. It has a smooth texture and a permanent flame-retardant function, making it suitable for use as a lining or accessory for various types of clothing and luggage.

  • Advantages of Flame Retardant Polyester Taffeta Fabric

    1. Excellent flame retardant functionality: It does not release toxic gases when exposed to open flames.


    2. Smooth and non-sticky texture, elastic, bright and glossy appearance, vibrant colors, wrinkle-resistant, and less than a 5% shrinkage rate. The individual filaments are uniform and not easily broken.


    3. Flame retardant polyester taffeta fabric is relatively low-priced, lightweight, durable, and has excellent flame retardant properties, making it cost-effective.

  • Uses of Flame Retardant Polyester Taffeta Fabric

    Flame retardant polyester taffeta fabric is commonly used as lining for workwear. It is also suitable for jackets, windbreakers, down jackets, umbrellas, car covers, sportswear, handbags, luggage, sleeping bags, tents, artificial flowers, shower curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, and various high-end clothing linings.

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