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Coating Fabric


What is Permanent Fire Retardant Coated Fabric?

Permanent Fire Retardant Coated Fabric is a type of fabric that has undergone a special treatment process. It involves applying a layer of material with special functions onto a base fabric that already has flame retardant properties, thereby adding additional functionalities to the fabric. It is also referred to as functional coated fabric.

There are three main categories of coated fabrics based on the coating material used: PVC-coated fabric, PU-coated fabric, and semi-PU-coated fabric. Depending on their functionalities and characteristics, fabrics can be further classified into types such as colored coated fabric, PVC coated fabric, silver coated fabric, embossed fabric, flame retardant fabric, moisture-permeable PA fabric, and transparent PU fabric.

Common Uses of Permanent Fire Retardant Coated Fabric

Permanent Fire Retardant coated fabric is widely used in sportswear, down jackets with rainproof parkas, outerwear, tents, socks, curtains, luggage, as well as high-end waterproof and breathable ski jackets, mountaineering clothing, windbreakers, and more.

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