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IFR + Anti-uv92

Flame Retardant Anti-uv fabric

Flame retardant and UV-resistant fabric is made from permanent flame retardant fibers and treated with UV-resistant finishing mechanisms. This fabric has a UV protection rate of ≥95%, with the main purpose of preventing excessive exposure to UV radiation and effectively protecting the human body from UV damage. In addition, the flame retardant and UV-resistant fabric is non-toxic, non-irritating, and has good washability.

The fabric can absorb and emit UV radiation in the 180-400nm wavelength range, especially UV-A and UV-B, providing excellent shielding effects with a UV transmittance rate of less than 3%. Even after 40 washes, the UV protection rate can still be maintained at over 85%.

The flame retardant and UV-resistant fabric has good washability, allowing it to withstand multiple washes without losing its UV protection function. This makes it a reliable choice for providing long-lasting UV protection for people.

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