What is blackout fabric and what material is it made of?

Blackout fabric is a type of fabric primarily used for blocking sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

It has multiple advantages, such as excellent light-blocking effects, non-toxic, odorless, soft to the touch, soundproof, heat-insulating, waterproof, fire-resistant, UV-resistant, and protective of human health.

The main material used in the production of blackout fabric is polyester, also known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber.

Polyester is a high molecular weight polymer produced through esterification or transesterification and polycondensation reactions using purified terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw materials. The material is then spun and processed into fibers.

Currently, the blackout fabric available in the market can be classified into coated blackout fabric, woven blackout fabric, flame-retardant blackout fabric, embossed blackout fabric, printed blackout fabric, and jacquard blackout fabric, among others.

It is mainly used as an interior decoration fabric and can be utilized for eco-friendly, permanently flame-retardant blackout curtain fabrics in hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, and other public places.

  • Woven blackout (Dimout Fabric) fabric with three layers of inherent flame-retardant polyester yarn, achieving a light-blocking rate of around 95%.

  • Coated blackout fabric with four layers of light-blocking coatings and flame-retardant polyester yarn, achieving 100% light-blocking rate.



  • blackout fabric 01

    Ultraviolet Attenuation

  • blackout fabric 02

    Environmental Protection

  • blackout fabric 03

    No Odour

  • blackout fabric 04

    Noise Reduction

  • blackout fabric 05

    Splash Proof

  • blackout fabric 06

    Polyester Fabric

  • blackout fabric 07

    Machine Washable

  • blackout fabric 08

    Thermal Insulation

Advantages of BEGOODTEX Blackout Fabric.

The advantages of BEGOODTEX blackout fabric include its inherent light-blocking properties and the ability to be cut to any size for use as lining, blinds, or fabric.

• Quality German black yarn is woven into the fabric to ensure total darkness.

• 30-40% sound insulation to help improve sleep quality

• 100% UV protection

• A soft, peach-skin feel and drape

• 100% easy-care polyester

• Machine washable at 30°C

• Splash-proof, durable and more environmentally friendly than foam-backed traditional linings, as well as odor-free.

Applications of Inherent Flame Retardant (IFR) + Blackout Fabric

  • A. Blackout Fabric in Industries.


    Blackout Fabric in Industries


    Blackout fabric generally in the form of curtain wall helps in preventing light from either outdoor or indoor sources for getting through. These curtain wall completely opaque to block out sunlight, welding frames and other types of light for a variety of applications.
    These curtains walls not only block out light, but they also protect employees and equipment from damage caused by welding sparks and other hazards in the workplace.

  • B. Blackout Fabric in Colleges and Schools.


    Blackout Fabric in Colleges and Schools.


    With the advancement of technology, the trend of e-teaching, i.e., teaching through electronic mediums like projectors, has increased. Blackout fabrics are the perfect choice for various types of classrooms. It provides a better environment for using interactive whiteboards or projectors, offering a high level of lighting control. For schools and colleges, the blackout curtains are made from fire- and flame-retardant materials.

  • C.The Use of Blackout Fabric in Medical Studies.


    Use of Blackout Fabric in Medical Studies


    For medical studies such as sleep studies and other important researches, it is necessary to eliminate outside light and create a suitable environment indoors or confuse the brain about the time of day. For such studies, blackout fabric is a major advantageous material that will facilitate the easy conduct of studies.

  • D. Use of Blackout Fabric in Equipment


    Use of Blackout Fabric in Equipment Use


    Some tests and equipment require total darkness to provide accurate readings. The use of blackout fabric in conducting such tests is important. It ensures accuracy in the results of the conducted tests.

  • E. Photo Lab Use of Blackout Fabric.


    Photo Lab Use of Blackout Fabric


    A darkroom is necessary to develop traditional photographs. Being able to convert a space into a darkroom can make a room multifunctional and eliminate the need to create a darkroom that only serves one purpose. Blackout fabric can be used in photo labs to create a dark atmosphere, which is essential for working with photosensitive materials.

  • F. Use of Blackout Curtains in Hotels.


    Use of Blackout in Hotels


    Hotels near airports and other areas are generally brightly lit. This external light can often create an unpleasant atmosphere for visitors and customers during the daytime. Blackout fabric creates a pleasant atmosphere indoors by blocking external light from entering. This has the added advantage of making the interior lighting and hotel decorations look beautiful even during the daytime.

  • G. Light-Blocking Fabrics in Photography.


    Light-Blocking Fabrics in Photography


    A light-blocking cloth is an essential accessory in photography, as it prevents light reflection and interference, resulting in more realistic and clear shots. High-quality materials offer superior light-blocking effects, and the fabric is easy to hang and adjust swiftly, enabling you to capture pleasing photos effortlessly.

  • H. Use of Blackout Fabric on Performing Stages.


    Use of Blackout Fabric on Performing Stages


    Blackout cloth is used on stage to conceal areas from the audience. This may be to aid quick set changes, hide waiting actors in the wings, or simply to hide the stage lights. Blackout cloth is also used on mid-stage, rear, or upstage travelers. These are moving curtains like the front main curtains. They help divide the stage into sections, which facilitates quick scene and set changes.

  • I. Utilizing Blackout Fabric for Home Theaters.


    Use of Blackout Fabric for Home Theatre


    Blackout fabric in the form of curtains offers various advantages. In a home theater, blackout curtains prevent light from filtering in, preserving the movie experience at night. Additionally, they provide soundproofing by minimizing outside noise and echoes, and can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

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