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What are the differences between Flame Retardant Fabric and Flame Resistant Fabric?

By BEGOODTEX Updated August 07, 2023

the differences between Flame Retardant Fabric and Flame Resistant Fabric

In daily life, many products need to have fire-resistant properties due to the risk of fire. Fire resistance can usually be achieved in two ways, by using Flame Retardant Fabric or Flame Resistant Fabric. Although both types of fabrics have fire-resistant properties, their working principles and performance are different.


Flame Retardant Fabric is a chemically treated fabric that can slow down the spread of fire when it is exposed to fire. This fabric is usually coated with a chemical substance that has flame retardant properties. When the fabric is exposed to flames, the chemical substance will release compounds such as water and nitrogen, which will reduce the burning speed of the fabric. Although Flame Retardant Fabric can slow down the spread of fire, it cannot completely prevent fires from occurring.


In contrast, Flame Resistant Fabric is a fabric that is not easily ignited at high temperatures. This type of fabric is usually made of materials with high fire resistance, such as glass fiber, aromatic polyamide, graphite, etc. When the fabric is exposed to flames, it will not burn or burn very slowly due to its high fire resistance. Therefore, Flame Resistant Fabric has higher fire resistance and can better protect people's safety.


Both Flame Retardant Fabric and Flame Resistant Fabric can provide a certain degree of fire resistance. However, when choosing fire-resistant fabrics, different fabrics should be selected according to the actual situation. If it is necessary to slow down the spread of fire to a certain extent, Flame Retardant Fabric can be selected; if higher fire resistance is required, Flame Resistant Fabric should be selected.


When purchasing fire-resistant fabrics, the fire resistance level and quality of the fabric should also be noted. Different fire resistance levels and qualities can be suitable for different application scenarios, such as home, medical, industrial fields, etc. Therefore, when purchasing fire-resistant fabrics, suitable products should be selected according to actual needs to ensure people's safety.


BEGOODTEX is a professional supplier of flame retardant fabrics, providing customers with high-quality flame retardant fabrics. The advantages of BEGOODTEX's flame retardant fabrics include:


1.Good flame retardant and fire-resistant performance, the fibers do not melt when exposed to fire, and the smoke emission is low.

2.Inherent (permanent) flame retardant effect, can be washed more than 50 times without affecting the flame retardant performance.

3.Environmental protection, GRS certified, using natural fibers as carriers, waste can be naturally degraded, meeting environmental protection requirements.

4.Customizable, providing a variety of different fabric choices, can be customized according to customer needs.

5.Widely used in home, medical, industrial fields, can meet the needs of different fields.


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