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  • Begoodtex Flame Retardant Medical Mesh Curtain Fabric
  • Begoodtex Flame Retardant Medical Mesh Curtain Fabric
  • Begoodtex Flame Retardant Medical Mesh Curtain Fabric
  • Begoodtex Flame Retardant Medical Mesh Curtain Fabric

Begoodtex Flame Retardant Medical Mesh Curtain Fabric

SKU: BG-G31-708

Inherent-Flame-Retardant Antibacterial Global Recycled Standard
280 cm
230 gsm
Flame Retardant
100% Polyester
Usually we provide A4 size samples, samples are free, you only need to pay the shipping cost, if you need more sample quantity, please contact us.

Fabric Introduction

Permanent flame retardant medical curtain fabric is made of begoodtex 100% polyester. This fabric is fruitful in colors. The appearance is the patchwork design. The upper of the fabric is made of mesh knitted fabric, which increase air permeability. The lower part is made of the meshless knitted fabric, it can effectively protect privacy. The fabric is antibacterials, mouldproof, anti-static, anti-UV and easy to clean. Thus can be used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other occasions as the medical curtain.

 Fabric Advantages

  • Eco-friendly: BEGOODTEX flame retardant medical curtain fabric meets international environmental and recycling standards, which is friendly to human health and the environment.
  • Permanent Flame Retardant: Effectively reduces the risk in the event of a fire and does not release toxic gases when exposed to open flames. And it has passed the flame retardant standards of the United States, Germany and many other countries, which can provide you with unparalleled safety assurance.
  • Anti-mould and anti-bacterial: Prevents bacteria, stains, unpleasant odors and liquids from spreading between different areas.
  • Protection of privacy: Good blackout performance, can effectively saperate the space and protect personal privacy.

Fabric specification:

  • Ingredients: 100% flame retardant polyester
  • Width: 280cm
  • Weight: 230gsm2
  • Flame Retardant Standard: NFPA701, DIN4102-B1
  • International Standard: Global Recycled Standard
  • Function: Flame retardant, antibacterials, mouldproof, anti-static, anti-UV
  • Color: Customizable

Fabrics 2 major uses:

This flame retardant medical curtain fabric is especially suitable for the following places:

  • Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers: These are the most common uses. In the hospital, the medical curtain can not only divide the wards, operating rooms and other areas, but also can be used in the doctor's diagnostic room for privacy protection. In addition, during the epidemic of infectious diseases, the use of isolation curtains can effectively avoid the spread of pathogens and protect the health and safety of patients and medical staff.
  • Home decoration: Its pattern and color plays a certain effect of decorating the space.

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