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Exploring the Types and Advantages of Flame Retardant Fabrics

Updated November 03, 2023

Flame Retardant fabric, as a type of fabric, has a wide range of applications. What are the classifications of Flame Retardant fabrics?


What are the advantages of Flame Retardant polyester fabrics? This is what everyone is concerned about. Now let's take a look at the main types and material characteristics of Flame Retardant fabrics, hoping to be helpful to everyone!


Currently, Flame Retardant fabric products can be classified into two categories based on the processing methods: Fiber Flame Retardant and Fire Retardant Treated.


The production process of Fiber Flame Retardant Flame Retardant fabrics involves adding Flame Retardant agents, altering the molecular structure, producing Flame Retardant polyester chips and Flame Retardant fibers. Then, according to customer requirements, Flame Retardant yarns are produced, which are further woven into fabrics using various weave structures such as plain, twill, and jacquard. Additionally, they can be knitted into knitted fabrics using warp knitting or weft knitting techniques. Finally, special finishing processes such as dyeing, printing, and embossing are applied to create Flame Retardant fabrics.


Fire Retardant Treated refer to ordinary fabrics that have completed production and are then treated with chemical substances possessing Flame Retardant properties through impregnation or coating processes to obtain Flame Retardant fabrics.


The advantages of Fiber Flame Retardant Flame Retardant fabrics include a soft texture, no significant difference in color and pattern compared to ordinary fabrics, long service life, minimal smoke and toxic gas emission during combustion, and environmental friendliness. The advantages of Fire Retardant Treated include a wide variety of patterns and colors, catering to customers' personalized needs, and a lower price compared to Fiber Flame Retardant Flame Retardant fabrics.


If you are looking to purchase high-quality Flame Retardant polyester fabrics, come to BEGOODTEX. Our fabrics have excellent Flame Retardant effects, fire resistance, and can withstand water washing, providing permanent Flame Retardant properties.

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