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BEGOODTEX Shipment Flame Retardant Fabrics to Europe

By BEGOODTEXUpdated September 07, 2023

BEGOODTEX Ships a New Batch of Permanent Flame Retardant Polyester Spandex Fabrics to Europe and America!


BEGOODTEX, a leading textile company in China, is excited to announce the shipment of a new batch of trendy and safe permanent flame retardant polyester spandex fabrics to the global market.

The flame retardant polyester spandex fabrics from BEGOODTEX are designed with innovation and style, providing both fashion and safety. Made with our advanced permanent flame retardant technology, these fabrics are not only flame-resistant but also highly elastic, making them perfect for various applications such as tablecloths, chair covers, and trash can lids. The outstanding elasticity of our fabrics allows them to stretch up to 5-8 times without damaging the fibers.


Our shipments will cover a wide range of sectors in the European and American markets, including home decor, fashion garments, outdoor gear, and more. Whether you're lounging comfortably on your sofa at home or engaging in vigorous outdoor activities, our fabrics will provide you with both safety and style.


In addition to flame retardant fabrics, BEGOODTEX also produces a variety of functional fabrics such as blackout cloth, flannel fabrics, clothing fabrics, bedding fabrics, and corduroy fabrics. We also manufacture a wide range of flame retardant finished products, includingBlanket, Curtain, Pillow Cover, Sofa Cover, Quilt Cover, Bed Sheet, Pillow Case, Table Cloth, Wedding, Theater, Drape, Table Skirt, Chair Cover, Table Cover, Medical Curtain, Children's Pajamas, Luggage


BEGOODTEX will continue to innovate and develop high-quality, fashionable, and safe textile products for the global market. We are committed to working closely with our customers to provide the best solutions.


For more information about BEGOODTEX, please visit our website:

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